Regulation - Granfondo Torres Vedras Montejunto

September 05, 2021
Granfondo Torres Vedras Montejunto
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September 05, 2021
Granfondo Torres Vedras
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Regulation - Granfondo Torres Vedras Montejunto 2020
The Course

Art. 1.- The 1st edition of Granfondo Torres Vedras Montejunto will start at 9:00 am on Sunday, 05 September 2021 (date in definition), departing and arriving at the Torres Vedras Center.

Art. 2.- The Granfondo Torres Vedras Montejunto will have 3 routes with the following denominations and distances:
- Granfondo: 146km;
- Mediofondo: 103km;
- Minifondo: 74km

Art. 3.- Granfondo Torres Vedras Montejunto is not a competition event. It is a cycle tourism event in which participants walk at their own pace throughout the entire length of the course, but are timed, by electronic means (chip), the time taken to complete the entire course or certain segments announced before the proof by the organization.


Art. 4.- Granfondo Torres Vedras Montejunto is a cycling tour, following the rules of the Portuguese Cycling Federation as Open Trial and the UCI regulation also for Open Trials, and is therefore subject to the principles contained in these regulations. It is a race open to all federated and non-federated cyclists, cyclo-sportsmen and cyclotourists, of both sexes and over 18 years old. The participation of cyclists registered in the Portuguese Cycling Federation as Professional or Under-23 is subject to the previous invitation of the organization and the fact that they are unable to appear in the classifications as well as to compete for any of the trophies and their podiums.

Art. 5.- Participation in the race is prohibited for athletes to comply with sanctions by their federations, for use of doping substances. The use of any illegal substance is also prohibited during the test.

Art. 6.- The race is only allowed to use two-wheeled vehicles (road bike, off-road bike, tandem) without motorization, or with motorization, the latter being subject to an independent classification.

Art. 7.- The use of homologated cycling helmet is mandatory. Failure to comply with this rule implies immediate exclusion of the evidence.

Art. 8. Participation in the race is the responsibility of each participant, taking on all the risks of participation.

Art. 9.- To participate, it is mandatory that the athlete has his / her license (as of the date of registration) as a member of the Portuguese Cycling Federation, in the competition or cycling classes for all. Non-federated athletes will be required to underwrite insurance registration (for non-federated athletes), which includes personal accident insurance with the following coverage:

Capital coverage per person:
  • Death by accident 27,665.18Euros
  • Permanent disability due to accident 27,665.18Euros
  • Accident Treatment Expenses 4,425.92Euros
  • Simultaneous deaths of the insured person and his spouse 15,000.00Euros
  • Funeral expenses (expenses) 5,000.00Euros
  • Expenses with rescue operations, search, transp. loss 1,000.00 euros
  • Franchises p / person 90,00Euros (supported by the insured athlete)

Art.9.1. - If there is any occurrence, the athlete must communicate to the organization on the same day, so that it is recorded in the final minutes of the race, and can be integrated into the race insurance (if he has subscribed to it).

Art. 9.2. - The insurance is underwritten with the Portuguese Cycling Federation, operates on a refund basis, and all invoices must be sent later to the insurance intermediary who will forward the situation.

Art. 9.3. - This insurance involves the athlete's membership in the Portuguese Cycling Federation for one day.

Art. 10.- The organization is not responsible for any accident that may be caused or could victimize any participant, nor for any expenses incurred by any participant during the race. Each participant must therefore be covered by the insurance of his federative license (athletes federated in the Portuguese Cycling Federation - FPC)

Art. 11.- Athletes are responsible for their registration and participation in Granfondo Torres Vedras Montejunto, aware that this is a physically demanding race, requiring proper preparation and fitness. It is recommended that each athlete undergo a proper medical examination before participating in this race.

Art. 12.- Registrations
Art. 12.1.- Prices and registration deadlines:

Registration for the Granfondo Torres Vedras Montejunto will open on September 2nd, 2019 at 20h00m, and will close on August 15th, 2020 at 23h59m, or when it reaches the maximum limit of 1500 participants.

Registration fee:
- Federated in the Portuguese Cycling Federation 35 €
- Not Federated in the Portuguese Cycling Federation 38 €

Art. 12.2.- What includes *:
- Right to participate in Granfondo Torres Vedras Montejunto 2021
- Finisher Medal;
- Race number customized with name and country (Registration validated until August 1st, 2021);
- Liquid and solid supply;
- Liquid refreshment with recovery drink after the race, Gold Nutrition offer;
- Recovery folder (lunch) at the end;
- First aid and medical assistance;
- Access to bathing facilities;
- Diploma of Finisher through digital support;
- Classification through electronic chip;
- Professional mechanical assistance;
- Digital racebook;
- Personal accident insurance in accordance with applicable law (for non-federated athletes in FPC - implies membership in the Portuguese Cycling Federation daily - franquia € 90.00 per athlete).

* The participant kit is under construction and will be updated soon.

Art. 12.3.- Order of departure:
The match for Granfondo, Mediofondo and Minifondo will be held at the same time, with the participants being distributed by Match Boxes (with name to be defined in addition) that will consist of 150 athletes each. This distribution will be made exclusively by money order.
There will also be an area reserved for sponsors in front of these boxes.

Art. 12.4.- Withdrawals
In case of withdrawal by February 1, 2020, the athlete will be reimbursed 50% of the registration fee. After this date, no amount will be refunded to quitting athletes.

Art. 13.- The entries in the race will be made exclusively on the website, in its own platform. The registration will only be considered valid after the payment of the registration, within the established deadline and through the means of payment disclosed at the time of registration (ATM or bank transfer). Registration is open until 11:59 pm on August 15, 2021, or until the 1500 participants are sold out.
Payments will not be accepted after the deadline. Payments made after the deadline will be returned within 90 days, by bank transfer, upon receipt of a Credit Note issued by the organizer duly signed by the athlete, less the amount of € 5 for administrative expenses.

Art. 14.- The participant assumes that the data that he filled in for his registration is correct and true and that the email address provided will be the preferred means to be communicated and to be provided with all important information regarding the test, considering informed by that means.

Art. 15.- All contacts with the organization should be made by participants via e-mail to the address During the day of the event and the day before contacts can be made in person at the secretariat or at the information desk during their opening hours.

Art. 16.- The invoices related to the registration in the test will be issued according to the information collected in the registration form. Once invoices are issued, no changes will be made, including to the tax identification number indicated on the form.

Art. 17.- When registering, each participant assumes that he / she downloads and subscribes the Statement Responsability provided by the organization in which he / she declares to know and assume the risks inherent to participating in a race open to traffic. In this statement the athlete excludes the possibility of holding the organization liable for any accident arising from their participation in the race. However, all participants will be covered, either by federative insurance or proof insurance underwritten by the organization.

Art. 18.- The participant kit will be collected at the event secretariat, which will be open on on the day of the event and the day before, at a time and place to be announced.

Art. 19.- For the collection of documentation at the secretariat, it is mandatory to present an identification document (ID or Citizen's Card) and the duly regularized federative license, in case you have not signed the proof insurance.

Art. 20.- The documentation may be collected by another person, provided that he / she is a bearer and presents in the secretariat the originals or copies with the perfectly legible data of the documents (BI or Citizen Card and the federative license) of the absent athlete, as well as a document authorizing the withdrawal duly signed by the same athlete.

Art. 21. The front race number of the bike and the chip are the property of the Organization, to be provided to the participant permission of their use until the end of the test if it complies with all the rules and behaviors defined by the match regulation or decision taken by the organization at any time. At the end of the race the front plate of the bike is offered to the participant by the organization. The bike's front plate and chip are personal, non-transferable equipment and cannot be used by anyone else.

Art. 22.- All participants must place the bicycle front race number in the correct position, at the front, in the handlebar area in order to be clearly visible on its entire surface. The front plate and the dorsal plate are mandatory. Any athlete who does not comply with this rule will be excluded from the race, not being framed by his organization. It is strictly forbidden to alter the graphic contents on the front or back plate, or to add any kind of message or image, whether advertising or not.

Art. 23.- The chip must be kept in the place recommended by the organization, during the participation in the event, until the course chosen by the participant ends.
Art. 24.- The organization cannot be held responsible for errors or failures in reading the chip, whether due to misuse by the participant, or for any other reason.

Art. 25. They are entitled to trophies:

In Minifondo:
The first three of the following categories:
Elites (born until 1992)
Masters A (from 1991 to 1982)
Masters B (from 1981 to 1972)
Masters C (from 1971 to 1962)
Masters D (from 1961 to 1952)
Masters E (born in 1951 or earlier)
E-bike (electric bicycle users)

Elites (born until 1992)
Masters A (from 1991 to 1982)
Masters B (1981 to 1972)
Masters C (1971 to 1962)
E-bike (electric bicycle users)
In Mediofondo:
The first three of the following categories:
Elites (born until 1992)
Masters A (from 1991 to 1982)
Masters B (from 1981 to 1972)
Masters C (from 1971 to 1962)
Masters D (from 1961 to 1952)
Masters E (born in 1951 or earlier)
E-bike (electric bicycle users)
Elites (born until 1992)
Masters A (from 1991 to 1982)
Masters B (1981 to 1972)
Masters C (1971 to 1962)
E-bike (electric bicycle users)
In Granfondo:
Trophy for Male and Female Absolute Winner
The first three of the following categories:
Elites (born until 1992)
Masters A (from 1991 to 1982)
Masters B (from 1981 to 1972)
Masters C (from 1971 to 1962)
Masters D (from 1961 to 1952)
Masters E (born in 1951 or earlier)
Elites (born until 1992)
Masters A (from 1991 to 1982)
Masters B (1981 to 1972)
Masters C (1971 to 1962)

Prizes for the first 3 teams of Granfondo, count the times the 3 best classified, without distinction of category.
The podium ceremony starts at 2:30 pm in the departure zone (Centro de Torres Vedras).

Dynamics of the race

Art. 26.- The race will take place in open roads to traffic. All participants must respect scrupulously the traffic rules contained in the Road Code, with special attention to the requirement to circulate in their hand (by the right site of road) and respect the rules of priority at intersections. Those who do not respect these rules will be immediately expelled from the race and will be prevented from participating in subsequent editions of the race. When registering, each participant assumes that he / she downloads and subscribes the Statement of Responsibility provided by the organization in which he / she declares to know and assume the risks inherent in participating in a competition open to traffic.

Art. 27.- In order to provide the "Free Wheel" dynamics throughout the course, the vehicles of the organization that lead the race will normally adapt an adequate speed so as not to condition the progress of the participants. However, due to conditions that require it, the vehicles of the organization can condition the speed of the participants, who are prohibited from overtaking the cars that follow in front of the race. Athletes who violate this rule, will be from the moment they overtake the front cars of the event, disengaged from the event, at their own risk.

Art. 28.- The assistance given to the athletes by support vehicles foreign to the organization is strictly prohibited. Circulation of accompanying vehicles between riders on the road is also prohibited. Violations of this rule may be registered and communicated to the organization by the authorities and other organizational members. The organization will provide information on the locations advised for the accompanying persons to watch the passage and support the athletes. The security forces that frame the test will prevent the circulation of support vehicles among the riders in the race, ensuring compliance with the Highway code.   

Art. 29.- The proof will be framed by security forces, which will guarantee the compliance of the traffic rules by all the elements involved in the test and the other vehicles in circulation.   

Art. 30.- The time control of each athlete will be made with electronic means, using the use of chips. The use of the chip is mandatory, and the athlete must comply with the rules for their correct positioning and use. The incorrect use of the chip or its non-use by an athlete will result in the non-registration of his / her passage in the control of stipulated by the organization, causing the disqualification of the athlete, with the consequent absence of the final list of times and the loss of right to your diploma of participation. The passing and time-lapse checks may be located at the start, finish or other points along the course of the race, and shall be communicated to the participants in advance.

Art. 31.- In order to ensure the integrity and safety of athletes, there are test control points, where time limits will be stipulated. Athletes who arrive at these time control points after the cut-off time will be obliged to leave the race and be picked up by the organization's vehicle to the finish line. Participants who choose to follow by their own means will be obliged to deliver at their time control post or to another organization member their bicycle badge with their respective participant number, no longer being framed by the organization of the event and assuming for their your destination from that moment on.  

Art. 32.- Athletes who give up during the race must go to the members of the organization, in person or by telephone, announcing their withdrawal. When the absence of an athlete is detected, means of rescue and rescue may be triggered. Failure to comply with this rule will cause the athlete who did not make this communication responsible for the costs of the search and rescue process. In addition it will be sanctioned with the prohibition to participate in later editions of the test.

Art. 33.- The athletes must respect scrupulously the schedules, namely the time of the departure, 9:00 am, ensuring that depart before the broom car. If they do not they will be disqualified from the event, participating at their own risk.

Art. 34.- The organization will have a medical accompaniment of the test, with medical teams and ambulances. In case of need, the participants should request the help of the elements of the organization that will trigger the necessary means of assistance.

Art. 35. Athletes who have suffered an accident during the race and have therefore had to resort to emergency services, medical assistance or evacuation by means of rescue, the athlete must communicate to the organization on the same day, to be registered. in the final act of proof, and can be integrated in proof insurance (if you have subscribed to it), by e-mail Such accident reporting within this timeframe is critical to ensure proof insurance coverage of damages.

Art. 36.- The organization will have mechanical assistance throughout the test that will try to solve the mechanical problems that can be solved in a test scenario. In the event of a breakdown, labor will be free of charge, however replacement parts will be charged locally to athletes who need them. Participants should therefore safeguard the possession of some money during the race to cover these expenses. If the participant does not have enough money to cover the costs of the pieces or articles made available, he / she must sign a debt note that will be passed to him by the assistance team member, who must settle immediately after the end of the competition, at the secretariat or at the counter of information. The interventions performed by the assistance teams are excluded from the repair of wheels. The mechanical assistance will be composed of fixed teams and other furniture that will move along the course, as well as the complexity of the failure itself, this service may not ensure the assistance to all the participants. The existence of this mechanical assistance does not relieve participants of the duty to properly prepare their bicycle, ensuring that it is in the best condition when they line up at the start. The organization can never be held responsible for the abandonment of an athlete due to lack of mechanical assistance.   

Art. 37.- Athletes in the race must guarantee the transport of food and liquids for their food replacement and hydration. However, the organization will mount in places to disclose before the test refueling stations, where you will dispense some food and drinks.   

Art. 38.- For safety reasons, the use of headphones as an accessory for listening devices or for the use of the mobile phone by the participants during the test is prohibited.  

Art. 39.- During the event, the participant is obliged to carry a mobile phone with the number provided in the registration form (or other that is communicated in a timely manner to the organization), an identification document and cash money if he wishes to benefit from the availability mechanical parts throughout the test. If weather conditions are expected to be adverse, the organization may require participants to use or transport certain equipment such as thermal blankets or windbreaker or waterproof clothing.   

Art. 40.- The organization has the right to be able to make changes to the layout and operation of the event, if for any reason, without having to compensate the participants.   

Eco responsability

Art. 41.- The participants are obliged to have a responsible behavior regarding the cleaning and preservation of the environment in all the zones used by the race, from the course of the race to the zone of exit and of arrival. It is strictly forbidden to throw waste to the ground before, during and at the end of the race. It is the responsibility of the participants to take with them the waste from the packaging of food and drink used in their replacement during the race. At the end of the test and in the refueling zones will be made available by the organization containers to deposit the trash carried by the athletes. Failure to comply with this rule implies the immediate exclusion of the athlete from the event, as well as the prohibition of participation in other events of the organization's responsibility.


Article 42.- The participants shall be sanctioned if:   
Art. 42.1.- Do not respect the rules and code of the Road, taking into account the fact that the roads are open to traffic.   
Art. 42.2.- Do not respect the orders and indications given by the security forces and the elements of the organization.   
Art. 42.3.- Do not pass through exit control, goal control or other control points that exist along the route.   
Art. 42.4.- Foul or degrade the course and other zones used in the race.
Art. 42.5.- Have or be aided by a self-supporting vehicle circulating in the middle of the race and disturbing the progress of other cyclists.
Art. 42.6.- Adopt unsportsmanlike behavior
Art. 42.7.- Adopt behaviors that prevent the normal course of the test and that go against this regulation.
Art. 42.8.- In case of withdrawal, do not communicate it to the organization.
Art. 42.9.- In some way, by words or acts, it jeopardizes respect for the other participants or members involved in the organization.   

Art. 43.- The infractions to the present regulation can be detected and communicated by the members of the organization or by the agents of the authority that fit the test, being the Jury of race the final decision as to the sanctions to apply to the athletes in question.

Art. 44.- Sanctions that may be applied:
- Exclusion of evidence, without classification or diploma.
- Inclusion of the name on the list of sanctioned athletes, to be published after the event.
- Disability to participate in later editions of the race.
- Sanctions imposed by the police authorities that frame the evidence, if the infractions are detected by the authorities and they consider that they are worthy of sanction.

Image rights

Art. 45.- The registration in the test and the consequent acceptance of this regulation obligatorily requires the participant's authorization so that the organization can make the total or partial recording of his participation, being able to use these images freely for the promotion and promotion of the test in all (television, radio, print, internet, posters, cards and flyers, photos and videos). It gives away all image rights relating to the commercial and advertising exploitation of those records, without the right to receive any financial compensation from the organization.

Data protection

Art. 46.- The organization of Granfondo Torres Vedras Montejunto fully respects the data protection law, currently. The athletes will acknowledge and authorize the introduction and processing of their personal data in the files of the organization of the competition, for their use in development, administrative and commercial management and other activities. The athletes also allow their data to be transmitted to third parties, whenever justified for the organization and proper functioning of the event (examples are: timing company, insurance company ...). The athletes must indicate the name they wish to see enrolled in the rider, lists of subscribers and final classification that will be published on the event website. The privacy policy allows, however, that any athlete can request the change or removal of their data, by means of a request made by e-mail to:   


Art. 47.- The organization is not responsible for any loss or damage that may affect the bicycles or other equipment of the participants. The participant disclaims liability for any loss or deterioration of personal effects under any circumstances.   

Art. 48.- If the climatic, environmental or safety conditions are extreme (ex .: forest fire, storms, landslides, tree falls, cyclones, armed conflict, epidemics, pandemics, etc.) the test is canceled or postponed by decision of the organization.

Art. 48.1-Likewise, the event may be suspended or canceled by decision of official entities such as Civil Protection, National Republican Guard, Public Security Police, Ministry of Internal Administration, Ministry of Health, etc. based on the situations referred to in the previous point or others.

Art. 48.2- In any of the situations described there will be, under no circumstances, the right to partial or total reimbursement.

Art. 49.- When making and validating the registration in Granfondo Torres Vedras Montejunto, the participants assume the knowledge and unreserved acceptance of this regulation, renouncing any legal proceedings against the organization, derived from their participation in the competition.

Article 50.- The organization shall constitute a Jury composed of three members of the organization that will decide on the sanctions to be applied and all matters related to the evidence that have not been object of regulation or on bad interpretations of this regulation.   

Art. 51.- In the event that a registered athlete does not participate in the event, nor is the collection of their documentation and any gifts in the secretariat made, no such material will be sent, which can only be collected at the venue on the dates of the event.   

Art. 52.- This regulation may be subject to change.

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